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Highlands Tours

        The Highlands are often portrayed as a romantic part of Scotland, as it is surrounded by stunning unspoilt nature, rugged mountains, deep blue lochs, and many glens where majestic Red Deer rule the hills and Eagles rule the skies. 


        There are plenty of things to do in the Highlands, explore the mysterious Loch Ness, drive through the Cairngorms National Park, visit the most iconic castles on the Isle of Skye, see dolphins frolicking off the Moray Speyside coast, walk up Ben Nevis (Britain's highest peak), or explore the rugged coastline of Caithness. The Scottish Highlands is really the Scotland of your imagination.


        The Scottish Highlands is a place with welcoming people, unique culture, dramatic landscapes, stunning castles, and fascinating history, which make the Highlands the perfect place for your next adventure.

Tour Details:

4 Days

4 Days

      Our four-day tour is the best option if you wish to have a remarkable experience, exploring the finest of Scotland, its history, culture, legends, myths, incredible castles and magnificent diversity of landscape and lochs.

7 Days

7 Days

      Our 7-day tour covers almost everything Scotland has to offer. History, culture, scenic beauty, lochs, mountains, seascapes, architecture, science, geology, gastronomy and whisky of course!

10 Days

     Be prepared for an unforgettable experience across the Highlands and the Islands, some of Scotland’s most iconic destinations. In our 10-day tour, we explore from the world-famous Loch Ness to the remote corners of the Outer Hebrides, by land and sea, travelling through the stunning scenery, ancient monuments, and Scotch whisky of course!

10 Days
A private tour gives you, your friends and family the space and freedom to do what you want to do at your own pace,
you can create your own itinerary for an exclusive trip, and your guide will be an expert in storytelling and local insights.
Our aim is to create a unique experience for every customer, hence our
itineraries are flexible, which means we can customise your schedule around your requirements!




FOOD & DRINKS (unless specified)
We highly recommend our clients wear comfortable thermal/waterproof clothes and shoes.
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