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The rich culture and gorgeous landscapes make Scotland a destination that

seems to have it all, lively cities, historical buildings, castles, and much more.



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Harry Potter

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Castles of Scotland

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Whisky Distilleries

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        Outlander is one of our most popular tours, it is a time-travelling adventure, where you'll get to visit the filming locations for the famous STARZ series, whether you are an Outlander fan or not.


        We will take you to visit the filming locations featured in the show on this adventure through the sights and stories of Outlander. You will be accompanied by a local tour guide who will tell you the history and stories of each location.


Harry Potter

        Hogwarts is indeed a magical world, but the true word of Harry Potter is rooted in some real locations in Edinburgh and in the Scottish Highlands, which many are open to visitors, see below about our Harry Potter Tours.


Castles of Scotland

     If you are fascinated by castles, Scotland is your place. It is estimated that there are more than 1,500 castles in Scotland, many lie in ruins while many others continue to be used as homes or as castle stays in Scotland.


     We’ve put together a list of the most famous castles in Scotland, which you can choose to visit during our tour.


Whisky Distilleries

     There are over 130 active whisky distilleries across Scotland, which are split into five whisky-producing regions: Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland and Speyside. 


     Great Whisky, fascinating history, and breath-taking scenery are what you’ll experience with our exclusive and customizable Whisky tour.  


     We have put together a list of the whisky distilleries in each region, which you can choose from for a unique and unforgettable experience. 

A private tour gives you, your friends and family the space and freedom to do what you want to do at your own pace,
you can create your own itinerary for an exclusive trip, and your guide will be an expert in storytelling and local insights.
Our aim is to create a unique experience for every customer, hence our
itineraries are flexible, which means we can customise your schedule around your requirements!




FOOD & DRINKS (unless specified)
We highly recommend our clients wear comfortable thermal/waterproof clothes and shoes.